These care instructions are an integral part of HERMAN B.V.'s General Terms and Conditions.

bamboo properties

HERMAN B.V. HorsePlast carefully selects bamboo planks for quality. However, bamboo is a natural product. It is not made, it grows. Within the same bamboo species, differences in structure and colour may occur. Over time, bamboo may start to look used, due to weather, water, sunlight, dirt, manure and other external influences.

Bamboo reacts to large differences in temperature or humidity, it can crack or split.

Depending on the use of the bamboo panels, the following care instructions apply.

Indoor use:
Oiled bamboo planks should:

  • cleaned at least once every 6 months;
  • oiled at least once every 6 months with a good quality
  • Hardwood oil; or

Coated bamboo planks have a water based coating layer which makes the plank low maintenance. The coating will separate the natural sugars present in bamboo from the humid climate and dirt present in e.g. horse stables. The coating reduces the chance of mould growth, but the chance of mould growth is not excluded.

Coated bamboo boards should:

  • Cleaned at least once a year; and
  • At some point, a new coating should be applied.

Outdoor use:
Oiled bamboo flooring: Not recommended!

Coated bamboo boards: If the boards are fitted together with an open joint, (rain) water and dirt have the opportunity to enter into the "tongue and groove" area. These become sensitive spots on the plank where it always remains damp. The moisture can get under the coating which results in loosening of the coating.

For outdoor use, we recommend that you treat the boards with a good quality wood stain after installation to seal off the "tongue and groove area" and protect the bamboo board from moisture. Repetition of this treatment depends on the specific use situation and the type of stain used.



  • To prevent discolouration and rotting of the bamboo planks, please ensure that they are not placed directly on the ground.
  • We recommend that you ensure that the drainage holes always remain free. The bamboo planks should not be left in water at any time.
  • When using the bamboo panels in profiles, it is important that the panel does not stand directly in the water. The advice is to place a strip at the bottom of the profile which ensures that the plank does not obstruct the drainage from the profile.
  • After sawing and/or milling you should immediately apply a good quality wood stain or oil to the boards.

Please note that in order to claim warranty, the customer must be able to prove that they have followed the above instructions.


The natural characteristics of bamboo, such as expansion or contraction due to changes in temperature or humidity.
Also excluded from the warranty are

  • vertical cracks in the Products
  • colour deviations;
  • discolouration or deposits on the Products caused by the sun, moisture or humidity