Economically and ecologivally solution.

We offer solid boards made from recycled plastic.  These solid core boards are coloured in the mass. The perfect balance between the dye and the recycled material results in very attractive boards.
These boards are environmentally friendly and animal-friendly.  Each board is in itself fully recyclable, which allows us to do our bit for the environment.

Indestructible: The flexible structure of these boards ensures that they are virtually indestructible, in other words, an investment for life.

  • durable, wear-resistant and flexurally strong ;
  • waterproof;
  • not subject to rotting processes;
  • environmentally safe (used in structures that are in direct contact with open water reservoirs and groundwater, no risk of heavy metal contamination);
  • made from recycled plastics;
  • safe to use, due to the specificity of the non-fissile material (no sharp edges);
  • no maintenance or use of protective coatings


Standard colours: Brown, Black and Grey


  • Lengths: 980mm, 1180mm, 1280mm, 1500mm

    Working width: 132 or 138mm

    Thickness: 28, 32 and 38mm 


Due to the characteristics of the plastic boards made from recycled plastics as well as the production process, the boards can show tolerances on the dimensions of +/-2% both over several boards and partly over the same board.  The tolerances apply to both width and thickness.

The tolerance in width can mainly be observed when several boards are installed next to each other on different levels.  If you want the different levels to come together perfectly, you should select plank by plank to obtain the best possible result.  Do bear in mind that the shape of the planks can vary with changes in ambient temperature.


The boards may also warp if the temperature changes and if they are sawn lengthwise.  Therefore, if used in environments with significant temperature variations and/or outdoor applications, HorsePlast aluminium reinforcing profiles should be applied between the tongue and groove every 3 boards.